Create CRM 2011 Entity Record using Silverlight

Create CRM 2011 Entity Record using Silverlight

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  • Create a new Silverlight 4 Application named CRM2011OnlineSilverlightApp.
  • Add Service Reference to the Organization.Svc (
  • crm for North America
  • crm4 for Europe
  • crm5 for Asia
    • Give the namespace as OrgServiceReference
  • Open the reference.cs and replace System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair with KeyValuePair
  • Add the following helper files from the SDK (..\sdk\samplecode\cs\silverlight\soapforsilverlight\soapforsilverlightsample)
  • silverlightextensionmethods.cs
  • silverlightutility.cs
  • Rename namespace SoapForSilverlightSample.CrmSdk to CRM2011OnlineSilverlightApp.OrgServiceReference in silverlightextensionmethods.cs file.
  • Add a Button and a TextBlock to our Silverlight application.
  • Add the following code.
  • Create a web resource in CRM and upload the XAP, and to test it add it to any form inside CRM.
  • Click on create to create the contact record.
  • Download the project.  (change the extension to zip from docx)
Hope it helps.

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