Very Impressive for CRM 2011 Dialog Process Step-by-Step Guide

Very Impressive for CRM 2011 Dialog Process Step-by-Step Guide



Here’s an introduction on using Dialogs to provide a consistent Data Capture process within a call centre environment.

Let’s model a scenario where the call centre representatives are tasked with recording each inbound call as a Phone Call record in CRM.  The phone call needs to be attached to a new Contact record and depending upon the nature of the call either a Case or Opportunity is to be created for later resolution by a specialist Sales or Customer Service Representative.

The diagram below illustrates both the end user process and the steps automated by the dialog:



Now this process could be modelled in CRM without the use of Dialogs with the user simply navigating through CRM, creating and updating records as required.  Dialogs however offer us a scripted alternative that significantly reduce the keystrokes and ensures consistent adherence to the business process.

Let’s create the Dialog…


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